The Americans refer to physiotherapy as “physical therapy” and that is in essence what we do.

Using manual techniques we treat postural and mobility problems. We observe the way in which your body has developed compensations perhaps due to injury and pain and we work with you to correct them.

If stiffness is the issue we mobilise, where there is unsupported movement we stabilise, and we will provide you with specific exercises to help you manage your body more efficiently.

We aim to have you back to full fitness and free from pain in the shortest possible time.

Sports Massage

We offer sports massages and soft tissue release for reconditioning tired and overworked muscles, or as simply an enjoyable way to spend 40 minutes as a treat for all your hard work and exercise.

By releasing soft tissues and reconditioning muscles we can increase your flexibility and prevent injury when those muscles are placed under increasing strain.


Caroline Allaway is a registered acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for pain relief and in reducing muscle spasm.

Emmett Therapy

Caroline is registered as an Emmett Therapist.

Emmett is a light touch therapy that can release tension at a physical and emotional level. It can be effective for lymphatic drainage for one example.

If you haven't tried acupuncture or Emmett therapy as part a healing programme and you would like to know more then please talk to Caroline.