Diagnosis & Treatment : Physiotherapy ● Sports Massage ● Acupuncture ● Emmett Therapy

Getting you back to full fitness and free from pain in the shortest possible time.


  • Treatment for postural and mobility problems.
  • Observing if your body has developed compensations, perhaps due to injury or pain. Working with you to correct them.
  • Helping mobilise if stiffness is the issue.
  • Helping stabilise where there is unsupported movement.
  • Providing you with specific exercises to help you manage your body more efficiently.

Sports Massage

  • Soft tissue release for reconditioning tired and overworked muscles.
  • An enjoyable way to spend 40 minutes as a treat for all your hard work and exercise.
  • Increases flexibility and helps prevent injury when those muscles are placed under increasing strain.


  • Effective for treating pain and reducing muscle spasm.

Emmett Therapy

  • A light touch therapy that can release tension at a physical and emotional level. 
  • Effective for lymphatic drainage.